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Meaning, Purpose, Fulfillment (12x12" Poster)


Image of Meaning, Purpose, Fulfillment (12x12" Poster)

Inspired by the Heaven's Gate Away Team, the famous cult fervently believed in extraterrestrial salvation, along with the notion of transcending earthly constraints to reach the "Next Level". Their tragic end in a mass suicide event shocked the world, prompting a deep reflection on the human yearning for meaning, purpose, and fulfillment. Their journey led them down a path of self-destruction and is a cautionary tale of the perils that can arise when this pursuit becomes detached from a shared reality. While self-discovery is a personal practice, it exists within the broader context of our interconnected world. Engaging in meaningful relationships, contributing positively to society, and fostering a genuine connection to the world around us are powerful antidotes to the effects of isolation and extreme belief.

Print Details: Museum-quality posters made on thick matte paper. Paper thickness: 10.3 mil, Paper weight: 189 g/m², Opacity: 94%, ISO brightness: 104%

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